Only professional masks provide effective protection

design allowing for a good fit to the face and high tightness of the mask

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About us

PROMASK is a response to the market demand for professional protective masks.

Who we are

We are a Polish manufacturer of professional protective masks. We have extensive experience and many years of tradition in the clothing industry production, which we have successfully used in the organisation of a modern mask production line.

Why our masks?

The masks we produce are made with the most modern method of high-quality filter materials. Production is in a fully automated industrial method that ensures maximum protection of the production process against contamination of products. Our masks are also comfortable in everyday use.

We focus on sustainable development

Sustainable development is a permanent part of our strategy, which relates to commitments in terms of production, logistics, and environmental impact of our products. From creating jobs to production and transport, we are constantly making changes to optimize environmental protection and cooperation with the environment.

We are a Polish producer

polski producent maseczek medycznych Our production plant and stock facilities are located in Poland, and masks are made only with the Polish labour force. The company is built with 100% Polish capital. We cooperate with Polish Research Institutes.


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they work great for both
medical applications,
and everyday use

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