Only professional masks provide effective protection

design allowing for a good fit to the face and high tightness of the mask

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FFP2 Half-Mask

FFP2 half-masks PROMASK are produced in Poland, up to the highest European standards. During our testing process, FFP2 half-mask PROMASK reached filtration efficiency ≥98,5% for particles size ≥0,1 µm. Our FFP2 mask is, therefore, able to protect the wearer from pollution, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 coronavirus (which mean size is 0,12 µm).

4-ply Mask Construction

  1. An outer layer
    SS non-woven 50 g/m2
  2. First middle layer
    meltblown non-woven, filtration efficiency ≥99%
  3. Second middle layer
    meltblown non-woven, filtration efficiency ≥99%
  4. An inner layer
    SS non-woven 30 g/m2

CE1463 Certified Mask

    1. protects against pollution and microbes transferred via droplet route of infection
    2. provides protection up to even 8h of use
    3. universal size – our mask was passed certifying tests for a wide range of facial structure parameters
    4. certifying tests showed that our masks have up to 30% better breathability than required for this type of protection
    5. each mask is packed in a separate foil packet to increase the level of hygiene and customers’ comfort
    6. safe – non-toxic components
    7. non-sterile
maska ochronna z certyfikatem ce EN:149:2001+A1:2009

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