Only professional masks provide effective protection

design allowing for a good fit to the face and high tightness of the mask

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Medical mask

PROMASK masks are professional protective masks produced in Poland, which provide effective protection against bacteria, viruses and smog.

Characteristics of protective masks

Three-layer construction

1. Outer layer
SS non-woven, 25 g/m2

2. Middle layer
melt-blown BFE 99% filtration, 25 g/m2

3. Inner layer
SS non-woven, 25 g/m2


1. Stiffening strap
It allows the mask to be perfectly fitted to the face, which significantly increases protection against pathogens

2. Comfortable elastics
Allow to easily affix the mask

Excellent protection against:

1. Bacteria and viruses

2. Coronavirus

3. Smog PM10 PM2.5 PM1 PM 10 SO2 NO2

Modern production line

PROMASK masks are produced in the most modern, fully automated production line, using innovative cutting and welding methods. We have a high processing capacity, so we can ensure continuity of deliveries even for larger orders.


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they work great for both
medical applications,
and everyday use

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